New Style: Large March 20 2016

introducing new tailribbons style: large

The most popular request we get from our customers is that the sticker size needs to be bigger. Well, we've listened and are now happy to introduce new large tailribbons!

The large size is 2.0" x 2.5".

large tailrribon vs original size

The large style has uniform fills throughout the design, instead of gradient fills used on original tailribbons.

Size 1 3/8" x 1 3/4" 2.0" x 2.5"
Fill Style Gradient Solid/uniform


The large tailribbons are coming in Spring/Summer 2016:

  • Flag of Canada
  • Flag of Italy
  • Canada Maple Leaf

- Tailribbons Team

January Update January 26 2015

It's winter and it's cold.

So we here at tailribbons try to stay indoors, drink hot chocolate, and think about what new products we can release for the next summer season.

We've been working very hard on something. And it's something big.

Stay tuned.

- Eli