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Think of car stickers like car parts, because they do get attached to your car like parts. Engineer them to fit to your car perfectly, and design them to look good too. Car stickers are our obsession, we wanted to make the perfect one.

Eli Marshall
Founder, tailribbons.com
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Our Story

Never compromise."I wanted a nice flag sticker for my car. Something elegant and simple. Searching online stores and auction sites I've found clumsy rectangular stickers, giant oval stickers, or stickers with ugly borders. Did the designers consider where it's going to be placed? Frustrated, I designed tailribbons with the help of family and friends." - Eli

Tailribbons team: Eli, Kathrine, Anthony.
Special thanks: Shiva.

Our product's journey

Tailribbons are designed in Canada's capital Ottawa, Ontario.  We use vector graphics software called CorelDRAW X6 X8 (woo, up to 8 now!).  The stickers are then printed by company called StickerRobot, a professional silkscreen manufacturer in Woodacre, California (San Francisco Bay Area).  Printed stickers are then sent back to us in Canada, where they are trimmed by hand, packaged, and shipped to customers.

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You can also find tailribbons for sale or listed on: Etsy | eBay | Bonanza | BestOfTheWeb.org | Jasmine Directory


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