Surface requirements

Make sure that the car surface is completely clean, free of dust, rust, oil, water, wax, or grease. Soap and water works best for clean up. Commercial products like Windex or other cleaners are not recommended as their ingredients might interfere with the sticker adhesive. Dry the surface completely after cleaning.

The car surface must also be relatively flat, avoid sharp changes of surface, small dings, dents, or large scratches.

Weather requirements

Avoid any water. No rain or snow, with ideal temperature between 18°C - 28°C. Installation is not recommended below 10°C. Avoid direct sunlight hitting the car surface of application area.


Find a spot for your tailribbon sticker by lining it up to a horizontal line on your car. Make sure that surface and weather requirements are met. Peel the sticker from it's paper backing. Apply the tailribbon sticker under a horizontal line. Wait a few days before a car wash.

Proper care

Carefully clean the sticker with a soft cloth or paper towel, do not scrape. Be careful with applying car wax. Wax can build up around the edges, and may affect the adhesion of the sticker, also it will look bad. Do not apply car wax over the sticker, or use any buffers.  If you have ice build up, avoid ice scrapers, this may substantially damage the sticker. Also do not use a high pressure washer on the sticker.