What are tailribbons?

Tailribbons are car stickers designed to fit along horizontal lines on the back of your car.

Just like car parts, stickers look better when they actually fit to your car!

Will a tailribbon fit to my car?

If your car has horizontal lines on its back end, then mostly likely it will look great!

A tailribbon is approximately 1 3/8" x 1 3/4" (35 mm x 45 mm). Knowing that, you have a good change to find a small space for it.

How are tailribbons manufactured?

Tailribbons are manufactured using a silkscreen printing process, learn more about it here. We order batches of tailribbons from a professional silkscreen printing company in California called StickerRobot. They use actual buckets of paint to print the highest quality possible stickers. Tailribbons are then shipped to us, we painstakingly hand trim, package, and ship them to customers worldwide.

How strong is the sticker adhesive?

The sticker adhesive is strong enough to firmly hold the tailribbon and withstand the outdoor elements! They are designed and tested in Canada !

Can I remove tailribbon stickers?

Yes, definitely. Removal works best when it's warm outside, or when the sticker has been in sunlight for a while. If it's cold outside, the sticker may crack during removal. Like with all stickers, some residue may be left after removal. This can easily be cleaned up with soap, water, and a clean paper or cloth towel.

Can I remove and re-apply tailribbon stickers?

Generally removal and re-application is not recommended, but can easily be done. Firstly, if you decide to remove the sticker, do so very slowly and carefully. This is because the sticker may get distorted as the vinyl may stretch when you are trying to remove it. It's best to do this when temperatures outside are warm. You may then re-apply the sticker, but some adhesion may be lost.

Why are tailribbons in a limited supply?

This is because each tailribbon sis cut and trimmed by hand to be completely borderless. This is an extremely labor intensive process that a lot of other sticker companies in the world simply do not want to do. Our mission is the perfect car sticker.