Stickers with borders vs borderless tailribbons February 17 2014

Which sticker do you think looks better?

Daytime, clean.

Frost, some dirt build up.

A lot of frost, dirt!

Wet dirt buildup.

What's the difference anyway?

Notice that most other car stickers have a small border around them, it can be white, transparent, or another color. This is done because modern cutting machines cannot trim with enough precision around a particular design. Some "slack space" is left around the intended design to give the cutting machine room for error.

I'm not happy about this "slack space", because:

  1. The border spoils the look of the intended artwork. It's useless, unwanted border.
  2. The dirt build-up. The added border becomes even more noticeable as dirt builds up around the sticker, since it highlights the border even more!

I've asked a number of different manufacturers if they can trim only around the artwork, they all said no. It's hard and extremely tedious to do.

I was not satisfied with that, it meant compromising on our goal of making the perfect car sticker. So we trim tailribbons by hand, this makes tailribbons truly unique car stickers, that are completely border-less, nothing but the artwork.

Posted by: Eli

Tailribbon vs a Canadian dime! September 13 2013

We could struggle for eternity to measure the thickness of a tailribbon.

Let's just do a comparison, throw a tailribbon vs a Canadian dime.

The dime is 1.22 mm thick.

This makes a tailribbon car sticker roughly 0.5 millimeters (including it's paper backing)!


 Posted by: Eli