England! August 08 2018

england sticker flag car

The Flag of England car sticker is here!  Finally done design, production, with trimming now underway.  The photo shoot will be done in the next couple of weeks (weather permitting), then in all stores soon after!

Flag of Greece is here! September 03 2016

We are launching a 2" x 2.5” Flag of Greece first on eBay!

More pictures of the Greek Flag tailribbon are coming soon, as we didn't yet have time to do a proper photoshoot with car.

First? Yes, we've got more designs coming this summer! Standby!

Canada Post updates: looks like the strike averted for now! That's great news, all orders are shipping as usual!


Spring Upgrades May 07 2015

We're excited to be upgrading our software to from CorelDRAW X6 to X7! Just got it a few days ago, can't wait to try it out. One of it's main awesome features is the ability to support high-resolution monitors, kind of preparing for the Windows 10 release later this year!

- Eli

January Update January 26 2015

It's winter and it's cold.

So we here at tailribbons try to stay indoors, drink hot chocolate, and think about what new products we can release for the next summer season.

We've been working very hard on something. And it's something big.

Stay tuned.

- Eli


Flag of Australia tailribbon now in store! September 12 2014

After a busy summer, the long overdue Flag of Australia tailribbon is finally here!

We've actually received the shipment from the manufacturer a few months ago, but due to our busy schedules we were only able to keep up with fulfilling customers' orders. The Australia tailribbons had to be trimmed, and packaged, and then a photo-shoot needed to scheduled to get some store photos done, and then a re-shoot too. But after all that, they are finally ready to be shipped and look freakin' awesome!

Posted by: Eli