Top 25 Most Patriotic Countries March 10 2014

Top 25 Most Patriotic Countries

Which are the most patriotic nations on earth? In 1995/96, and 2003/04 research was conducted by the International Social Survey Program (ISSP) in 33 countries. It looked into national pride, or the positive affect that people feel towards their countries, closely related to patriotism and nationalism (1). The results varied considerably across different nations. From that data, here are the first 25 most patriotic countries:

Country Rank Tailribbon
Flag of USA United States 1 (tie) Flag of USA car sticker
Flag of Venezuela Venezuela 1 (tie)
Flag of Australia Australia 3
Flag of Austria Austria 4
Flag of South Africa South Africa 5 Flag of South Africa car sticker
Flag of Canada Canada 6 Canada Maple Leaf car sticker
Flag of Canada car sticker
Fleur de lis heritage car sticker
Flag of Chile Chile 7
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand 8
Flag of Philippines The Philippines 9
Flag of Israel Israel 10
Flag of Denmark Denmark 11 (tie)
Flag of Hungary Hungary 11 (tie)
Flag of Ireland Ireland 11 (tie) Flag of Ireland car sticker
Flag of Uruguay Uruguay 14
Flag of Portugal Portugal 15
Flag of Finland Finland 16
Flag of Spain Spain 17
Flag of Japan Japan 18
Union Jack Great Britain 19 Union Jack car sticker
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia 20
Flag of Russia Russia 21 Flag of Russia car sticker
Flag of Norway Norway 22
Flag of South Korea South Korea 24 (tie)
Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic 24 (tie)
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 24 (tie)

Some interesting facts:

  • Americans have the most national pride in terms of different domains: democracy, political influence, economic system, science, and military (2)
  • Venezuelans expressed the most pride in: sports, arts, and history, and treatment of groups (2)
  • Ex-English colonies (US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand) ranked higher than Great Britain
  • Ex-Spanish colonies (Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay) all rank higher than Spain
  • Austria is only highest European country in top third, as growing globalization and political integration in Europe have reduced national pride
  • Countries experienced growth in national pride: USA, Australia, Hungary, the Philippines, Spain

More interesting facts:

  • Men usually tend to have more national pride than women (especially in nations like France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA)
  • National pride is lower in minority groups (except in parts of New Zealand, and the Philippines)
  • In most countries, the greatest national pride is among those aged 70+


  1. World Opinion: Tom W. Smith and Seokho Kim. National Pride in Comparative Perspective: 1995/96 and 2003/04. International Journal of Public Opinion Research (Spring 2006) 18 (1): 127-136 doi:10.1093/ijpor/edk007. Accessed: January 16, 2014.
  2. "U.S. and Venezuela Lead World in National Pride. World Public August 31, 2006. Accessed January 16, 2014. <Link>

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