Getting spammed! December 22 2019

We had to disable creation of new customer accounts, guest checkout only for the time being, sorry. Also blog comments were being spammed, had to disable those as well.  Hopefully Shopify figures out how to stop so much spam without 3rd party paid apps.

Spring '19 Update May 05 2019

New sticker just started printing production!

Sorry, 2018 didn't turn out very productive for getting out any new sticker into the store. Trying my best this year to get a few more done!


England! August 08 2018

england sticker flag car

The Flag of England car sticker is here!  Finally done design, production, with trimming now underway.  The photo shoot will be done in the next couple of weeks (weather permitting), then in all stores soon after!

Our 5 Years! June 24 2018

Woo! It's our 5 year anniversary! The Shopify tailribbons store was launched today back in 2013, and it's been a crazy ride since .  We want to say a big thank you so much too all of our customers, our fans, and everybody involved in helping run store!  Thank you for keeping us going with support and positive feedback across all platforms, here on Shopify, on eBay, and Etsy.

Lots more car stickers are coming soon.


Back from vacation! August 14 2017

Back from our break.  Stores opening on all platforms, and we're working on new sticker designs as well.


Summer Updates '17 July 10 2017

So what's new?

We'll be taking a break in a couple of weeks or so. All store platforms (Shopify/Etsy/eBay) will be closed or on vacation mode! 

The popular "learning manual" decal is out of stock, we're out of white vinyl to make more. Will reorder soon.

Out Etsy store now does guest checkouts! Not sure why that took so long to do...but Etsy is awesome.

Lots of new sticker designs have been finalized, need to find the time to start manufacturing them.



Winter Updates '17 February 08 2017

Winter news:
  • About 3-4 new sticker designs are scheduled to start manufacturing very soon.  Three of them are country flags, and one is a special tailribbon we've never done before.  These should be in store about spring 2017.
  • Ability to add product reviews is finally added to our store!

Have a safe and happy winter,


Flag of Greece is here! September 03 2016

We are launching a 2" x 2.5” Flag of Greece first on eBay!

More pictures of the Greek Flag tailribbon are coming soon, as we didn't yet have time to do a proper photoshoot with car.

First? Yes, we've got more designs coming this summer! Standby!

Canada Post updates: looks like the strike averted for now! That's great news, all orders are shipping as usual!


New stickers! August 02 2016

Just picked up a shipment of new sticker designs!

tailribbons new shipment

Unboxing the new designs!

tailribbons new shipment

There's a few new different designs, stay tuned for updates!



HTTPS! June 01 2016

We've just added a new layer of security, a 256-bit encryption to our entire online storefront by using HTTPS instead of HTTP!  Though our checkout was always secured before with SSL, now the entire storefront is secured!  Thanks to our ecommerce provider Shopify!