New Style: Large March 20 2016

introducing new tailribbons style: large

The most popular request we get from our customers is that the sticker size needs to be bigger. Well, we've listened and are now happy to introduce new large tailribbons!

The large size is 2.0" x 2.5".

large tailrribon vs original size

The large style has uniform fills throughout the design, instead of gradient fills used on original tailribbons.

Size 1 3/8" x 1 3/4" 2.0" x 2.5"
Fill Style Gradient Solid/uniform


The large tailribbons are coming in Spring/Summer 2016:

  • Flag of Canada
  • Flag of Italy
  • Canada Maple Leaf

- Tailribbons Team

Summer Updates August 03 2015

It has been a really busy summer this year, like really swamped. Over the last couple of months, the big project that we've been working on has unfortunately been delayed due to some manufacturing difficulties (we take our time and don't settle for less than perfect). We are sorting it out the best we can, and expect the finished product very soon! After that, some photo-shoots, and an exciting new tailribbon design (first of it's kind) should be live in the store!


Spring Upgrades May 07 2015

We're excited to be upgrading our software to from CorelDRAW X6 to X7! Just got it a few days ago, can't wait to try it out. One of it's main awesome features is the ability to support high-resolution monitors, kind of preparing for the Windows 10 release later this year!

- Eli

January Update January 26 2015

It's winter and it's cold.

So we here at tailribbons try to stay indoors, drink hot chocolate, and think about what new products we can release for the next summer season.

We've been working very hard on something. And it's something big.

Stay tuned.

- Eli


October Updates October 22 2014

Long time no blog!

Some quick updates on what's been going on at tailribbons,

  • We got approved by the BestoftheWeb certification team! has been around for over 20 years online, basically they are a third party that independently verifies our privacy, security, URL, phone#, address, and email information. A shiny green trust badge is now posted on our home page!
  • Tailribbons passed 500 likes on facebook! Thank You!
  • Unfortunately, the blog comments have been disabled due to overwhelming spam. I'm going to wait and hope that Shopify makes better anti-spam filters or something on the likes of Akismet plugin for Wordpress platform. Otherwise it's gotten to a point of over 50 spam messages per day that I have to manually delete?! Boo that.
  • Honestly can't find the time to launch the mini Australia tailribbon here on Shopify, it has been a really busy month. Anyway, it needs a good photoshoot and it's getting cold in Ottawa, so I better make it happen soon.
  • Likewise, hopefully soon a photoshoot will be done for the original Australia tailribbon, with a mystery Audi! Oh and maybe another mystery car, if I could get it started first, it's battery is dead. The Australia tailribbon definitely needs more photos, and I want to make them look awesome!