October Updates October 22 2014

Long time no blog!

Some quick updates on what's been going on at tailribbons,

  • We got approved by the BestoftheWeb certification team! BestoftheWeb.com has been around for over 20 years online, basically they are a third party that independently verifies our privacy, security, URL, phone#, address, and email information. A shiny green trust badge is now posted on our home page!
  • Tailribbons passed 500 likes on facebook! Thank You!
  • Unfortunately, the blog comments have been disabled due to overwhelming spam. I'm going to wait and hope that Shopify makes better anti-spam filters or something on the likes of Akismet plugin for Wordpress platform. Otherwise it's gotten to a point of over 50 spam messages per day that I have to manually delete?! Boo that.
  • Honestly can't find the time to launch the mini Australia tailribbon here on Shopify, it has been a really busy month. Anyway, it needs a good photoshoot and it's getting cold in Ottawa, so I better make it happen soon.
  • Likewise, hopefully soon a photoshoot will be done for the original Australia tailribbon, with a mystery Audi! Oh and maybe another mystery car, if I could get it started first, it's battery is dead. The Australia tailribbon definitely needs more photos, and I want to make them look awesome!