Wet photo shoot! June 22 2014

photo shoot #7

Another photo shoot with a VW Jetta! This time I'm trying out a new lens, a borrowed Sigma 10 - 20mm.

The lens has great widescreen to capture those awesome close ups!

It was a nice sunny day, but I used an external flash to hopefully light up the car's surface and therefore block out the reflection of the camera, it helped a bit.

Spray bottle with plain water was used to add a nice 'wet' effect too....

union jack car stickerrussia car stickeritaly flag car stickerireland flag car sticker 

canada flag stickermaple leaf of canada stickerfleur de lis stickerUSA sticker

Pictures turned out great!...and had a delicious Starbucks Refreshers drink ;)

Posted by: Eli

Advertising photo shoot! May 27 2014

A mini photo shoot for the new advertising we've added to a Volvo! Really hot this afternoon today, didn't get a lot of pictures done.

You can spot this Volvo bumbling around Ottawa, if you do, ask us and we may have free stickers to give away!

Posted by: Eli

Jeep Liberty photo shoot! November 18 2013

photo shoot 4

It's a 2012 Jeep Liberty, and with so many horizontal lines, it's a perfect car for tailribbons!

It was a bit cold, cloudy day, but I think the pictures turned out great!

My hands were absolutely freezing though holding the camera! Winter is coming.

Posted by: Eli

Volkswagen Jetta photo shoot! September 09 2013

photo shoot 3

Found another car with a blurred license plate!

This time a blue VW Jetta is up for a tailribbons photo shoot op!

Pictures turned out awesome :) In fact, I used these a lot around the site!

Posted by: Eli

More photo shoots with an XC90, and a van! August 09 2013

photo shoot 2

Really wanted more shots with that XC90!

Also found a Dodge Caravan I can use for more pictures!

These pictures did not turn out as great, it was too bright outside.

Posted by: Eli

Photo shoot #1 July 15 2013

photo shoot 1

First tailribbons car stickers photo-shoot with a Volvo XC90! Sunny day to get out and take some pictures!

Step 1: find an XC90 to use for the afternoon

Step 2: find a secluded parking lot, pretend to not look suspicious.

Trees, other cars, and even clouds can get in the picture, I didn't really want those in the pictures. Finally found a good spot and setup the tripod about a couple of meters away. Wasn't happy, the pictures were still picking up reflection of the tripod!

Moved the tripod further from the car, changed to a telescopic lens, and pictures were turning out much better!


Shooting this far away though, the picture quality of the small tailribbon was compromised a bit, I think I'll head to another location soon and get some close ups as well.

Camera was sitting on loose gravel, had a hard time keeping it level, but I think it worked out!

Photo-shoot camera: Canon EOS REBEL T3i

Posted by: Eli