Wet photo shoot! June 22 2014

photo shoot #7

Another photo shoot with a VW Jetta! This time I'm trying out a new lens, a borrowed Sigma 10 - 20mm.

The lens has great widescreen to capture those awesome close ups!

It was a nice sunny day, but I used an external flash to hopefully light up the car's surface and therefore block out the reflection of the camera, it helped a bit.

Spray bottle with plain water was used to add a nice 'wet' effect too....

union jack car stickerrussia car stickeritaly flag car stickerireland flag car sticker 

canada flag stickermaple leaf of canada stickerfleur de lis stickerUSA sticker

Pictures turned out great!...and had a delicious Starbucks Refreshers drink ;)

Posted by: Eli