Photo shoot #1 July 15 2013

photo shoot 1

First tailribbons car stickers photo-shoot with a Volvo XC90! Sunny day to get out and take some pictures!

Step 1: find an XC90 to use for the afternoon

Step 2: find a secluded parking lot, pretend to not look suspicious.

Trees, other cars, and even clouds can get in the picture, I didn't really want those in the pictures. Finally found a good spot and setup the tripod about a couple of meters away. Wasn't happy, the pictures were still picking up reflection of the tripod!

Moved the tripod further from the car, changed to a telescopic lens, and pictures were turning out much better!


Shooting this far away though, the picture quality of the small tailribbon was compromised a bit, I think I'll head to another location soon and get some close ups as well.

Camera was sitting on loose gravel, had a hard time keeping it level, but I think it worked out!

Photo-shoot camera: Canon EOS REBEL T3i

Posted by: Eli